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Set in the summer in a pine forest in Eastern Europe, behind the circus tent sits the gypsy camp with its family of performers and musicians; the perfect place to tell our version of Hamlet.

Hamlet is in mourning. Hamlet is angry. Hamlet sees the ghost of a father wronged.
But everything else we know about Hamlet is uniquely different in this version.

As for the gypsies, they are a people cursed to roam yet caged when held in place, misunderstood, and under served in every possible way. The unacknowledged Johnny Appleseed of music, their journey across the globe (which began in Rajasthan, India) resulted in the cross pollination of sounds and styles from everywhere. The wailing oboe, the mournful violin, the passionate flamenco guitar, they all tell the story of the gypsies and it’s the story and history of world music.