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In Lear it would appear, there’s anger and there’s fear,
the ladies de-re gire are asked to “make it clear!”
that they should all adhere to anything for Lear.

So have no fear and hear the seer
whose plays go down like an ice cold beer
you’ll never hear such hilarity as here!
With all that is so near and dear and treasured by a king named Lear
who now appareled in western gear commands a brothel (oh my dear!)
We meet a man who is quite queer who asks his whores all dressed in sheer
and their ulterior motives steer, that their love for him should never veer.

A comedy shall rear its head from which you’ll laugh and jeer it’s said
by a pimp named Lear and all his stead
“Sometimes you win sometimes you lose sometimes you end up dead.”

That is what is said I fear when watching plays at the Betsy Stage
where all things Shakespeare do appear
reworded and reworked it’s clear.
Come laugh come cheer come have a beer
and watch the Travesty of Lear!
"Like Shakespeare with a “Deadwood” ear....The script is rife with one-liners" - John Moore, CultureWest.org, November 22, 2013