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Shakespeare’s most intriguing villain, Iago, manipulates his plot of destruction without ever lifting a weapon but instead uses words and machinations to kill off his competition one by one.

This play focuses on the difficulty that we often find in accepting and trusting those who seem different. What often goes unnoticed in the story however are Shakespeare’s sardonic thoughts about the 
control and power of the playwright as well as his humor with regard to actors. In coming across Desdemona’s long-winded death scene, 
we were struck with the hilarity of her being choked to death and 
rising 3 more times to continue her speech.

It is here that we begin our adaptation. A comedy set in Greece.
Iago, a demigod, returns home from an 8-year epic quest with a shopping list of goodies for Zeus and is denied his promotion.
Angry, he makes a deal with Poseidon to destroy the gods on a quest of their own but never wields a weapon to do the deed.
As in the Greek classics, our chorus narrates, comments and even participates.

Join us on this farcical journey and watch as a demigod finally gets the best of Mt. Olympus.